May 15, 2024

One Moorgate Place Chartered Accountants Hall, 1 Moorgate Pl, London EC2R 6EA

Are you leading the process of building or transforming the observability strategy in your organisation? Are you working to implement better tools and achieve complete 360-degree observability for your team? Or are you simply looking to foster collaboration and consensus around the next steps in your observability journey?

Observability Sessions is a customised event especially for leaders and professionals in observability. You will meet observability experts from Grafana Labs, learn from other leaders in observability, and receive practical guidance and knowledge to overcome obstacles, identify a clear path forward, and generate momentum around observability in your organisation. We guarantee that you will leave with:

✦ A deep understanding of your organisation’s current position on its observability journey and the next steps to take.

✦ Practical guidance for implementing the six key components of a successful observability strategy.

✦ Personal contact with Grafana specialists and resources to accelerate your path in observability.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Girls Who Code.


  1. 13:30 14:00
    Get your badge, meet the Grafana Labs team, and settle in.
  2. 14:00 14:10
    Opening Remarks
    The Grafana Labs team is excited to have you here, and we’re eager to share the afternoon’s program with you.
    • Dave Russell, Director Voice of Customer, Grafana Labs
  3. 14:10 14:40
    Introduction to Grafana for seamless observability
    See how companies are seamlessly centralising their observability with Grafana technology and get best practices for your own transition to a centralised approach.
    • Tom Wilkie, CTO, Grafana Labs
  4. 14:40 15:10
    Six secrets of a winning observability strategy
    Learn the six secrets of a successful observability strategy from a specialist who’s seen it all. From building a center of excellence and a centralized platform to garnering executive buy-in and avoiding common pitfalls, you’ll see exactly how to create a successful roadmap and take the next step in your observability journey.
    • Willie Engelbrecht, Principal Solutions Engineer, Grafana Labs
  5. 15:10 15:30
    Grab a refreshment and connect with members of your local observability leadership community.
  6. 15:30 15:50
    Dojo: From Monitoring to Observability
    Hear from Dojo about where they are in their observability journey, what steps they took to get there, and how they’re planning to move forward – all with practical tips for your own projects.
    • Roberto Nunes, Staff Engineer, Dojo
  7. 15:50 16:10 - Observability Journey
    Hear from about where they are in their observability journey, what steps they took to get there, and how they’re planning to move forward – all with practical tips for your own projects.
    • James Dobson, Technical Lead,
    • Utsav Praeet, Associate Director of Engineering,
  8. 16:10 16:40
    Observability journeys panel
    Learn in a dynamic discussion with Grafana experts and local observability leaders as they share successes, setbacks, and next steps in their observability journeys.
    • Natalie Ujuk, Logging and Telemetry Team Lead, IG
    • Gary Harmson, Principal Customer Engineer, Google Cloud UKI
    • Thomas Rowley, Chief Technologist - Network and Connectivity, Softcat plc
  9. 16:40 17:00
    Closing session + Q&A
    Get your final questions answered.
  10. 17:00 18:00
    Networking reception
    Continue the conversation and connect with peers, leaders, and experts over refreshments and drinks.


James Dobson Technical Lead
Willie Engelbrecht Principal Solutions Engineer Grafana Labs
Gary Harmson Principal Customer Engineer Google Cloud UKI
Roberto Nunes Staff Engineer Dojo
Thomas Rowley Chief Technologist - Network and Connectivity Softcat plc
Dave Russell Director Voice of Customer Grafana Labs
Natalie Ujuk Logging and Telemetry Team Lead IG
Utsav Praeet Associate Director of Engineering
Tom Wilkie CTO Grafana Labs

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