The Raspberry Pi is a popular and inexpensive hobbyist tool that can be used to run all kinds of software experiments. It’s a very powerful and efficient device with a tiny footprint, which makes it the perfect candidate to run an always-live monitoring experiment on.

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through connecting and monitoring your Raspberry Pi using Grafana Cloud, which is the quickest way to get started with best-in-class open source observability tools — and now has a generous free plan. With Grafana Cloud, you can get a working dashboard in minutes, without any prior Grafana or Prometheus experience necessary.

Get started easily with our robust free tier of Grafana Cloud, which includes 10K series for Prometheus/Graphite metrics + 50GB Loki logs.

During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Grafana Cloud’s recently announced free tier and its generous offering
  • All the different ways you can connect your data with Grafana Cloud
  • How to quickly install an integration with preconfigured metrics, dashboards, and alerts
Richard Lam

Richard Lam

Product Director at Grafana Labs

Richard has experience in software both as a product manager and a customer-facing consultant. He’s released products and features that make it easy for everyday users to better understand how their systems are behaving. He is the Senior Product Manager for Grafana Cloud.